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New Technology innovation

Technology innovation What is technology innovation ?. Technology innovation is the changing and moderation in technical things. If any technical thing exist and we moderate...



Pakistani fashion designer Sana Hashwani – infected by the coronavirus

Pakistani fashion designer Sana Hashwani also suffers from the Coronavirus, according to rebel TV. Pakistani fashion designer Sana Hashwani is the victim of Coronavirus...


Olive Oil Test – Real Or Fake?

Proof is too high. Real extra virgin olive oil is not only adding food flavor. But also good for you, consider the following topics:Olive...

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A Guide For Cardio Training

Everyone who wants to lose weight, wants a cardio program that will achieve it. After starting this program for a while, it is common...

3 Tips For Reaching Your Health And Health Goals With A Hard Lifestyle

  In life this is a terrible way of bushes and curve balls are thrown left and right. Life will always be. Always busy days...

Exercise And Workout – Walk Is Not Always Ideal For Fat Loss

That's true; Practice for you is good. Physical activity will reduce your blood sugar and be beneficial in your heart. But what do you...

Daily workout with children

Although there are many children who are physically active. More and more children play video games before participating in physical activity. As technology develops,...


Preparations and precautions For Coronavirus

precautions For Coronavirus The speed at which Corona patients are increasing across Pakistan, especially in those who do not even have a travel history. Some...

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