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New Technology innovation

Technology innovation

What is technology innovation ?. Technology innovation is the changing and moderation in technical things. If any technical thing exist and we moderate with new features that help to work easy, best and faster then before is called technology innovations. For example there is an phone with 4G technology launched by ABC Company. After few days ABC company  moderate phone and  launch a new phone with 5G technology first time in the world its called technology innovation. But one thing remember in this term the innovation in phone technology.

Today as our topic is new Technology innovations. So we will tell you some things/ Gadgets that give a new attention and better work experience.

First of all Remarkable 2

This is very big innovation in digital world. This product is make your hand documents work easy. Normally when we attend any meeting we carry a dairy and write our notes on pages. This Remarkable 2 do same process with digital facility. We can write our notes as dairy but digitally. It displays like paper and we can write on it. We can save our written documents in this device and latter can be view virtually on any phone, Computer and Tab. We can write anything as simple paper even we can draw diagram etc.

Lighter Watch (Technology innovation in watch)

Lighter watch is a device that works like a normal watch. But one more additional thing not for everyone that is built-in lighter. It have beautiful leathers band and a classic look of watch. There is an lighter inside of the witch just flip front area of watch and lighter will glow fire. If is easy to make fire if you are a picnic lover or smoker then this is a very suitable for you. This stylish watch is available on online stores with the price less than $10 . We don’t recommend it for everyone because it maybe a health risky watch.

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