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What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Marketing

Before the concept of affiliate marketing, it should learn what is marketing. There are different types of marketing in which you promote some products. Promoting anything is called marketing. People use different ways to promote the product. Promotion is an attraction for customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a chain between advertisers and publishers. If you have a blog and want to earn then affiliate marketing is best. You can do this with your website just publish advertiser ads on your website and charge money. With the help of an affiliate, marketing advertisers get the customer and grow business and pay some commission money to you.

1. Amazon affiliate

Amazon is a big affiliate company and pays on ads publishing and give shares of selling. Millions of products are available for marketing. Just signup on amazon affiliate and place code on your website and earn. This is the real way to earn work from home and earn online money.

Amazon Rate

Amazon give rate with different methods:-

  • Product links
  • Banners
  • Native shopping ads
  • Mobile popup
  • ads impressions
  • Bounties program
  • Clicks
  • Percentage of sale.

In all of the above-mentioned Amazon marketing ads are paying different rates. Amazon pays high rates on product sales as all companies pay. It pays you on impression base and one more thing is referral fees. If you register a referral Amazon gives some percentage on every sale of you your referral. With Amazon we can control our affiliate business with remote access via phone, computer and laptop. We can access our account from anywhere in the world where the internet is available.

2. Alibaba/ Aliexpress Affiliate marketing.

Alibaba is the big competitor of Amazon. This is a China based retailer and selling products on wholesale rates in the world. If you have good traffic and want to earn good then Alibaba is good affiliate marketing system for your business. Sign up in Alibaba affiliate plate-form and promote their products and take charge your commission. Peoples are earning thousands of dollars form this affiliate marketing. The rates are different from Amazon affiliate system.

If you have a good traffic website on niche topic we suggest you just add product about your niche. Example: if we are running a technical website the products should related technical or have a health website then products should like weight loss belt etc.


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