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Types of Internet Connection ?

What is Internet Connection

What is internet connection. why we use a internet connection. Is any alternate of internet exist?. How to know which type of internet connections is good as you requirement.

Types of Internet connection

There are many types of internet using in the world wide. But all purpose is same and that is “internet”.

  • Dial Up Internet Connection.

First of all we should know “What is Dial-up internet”.

So the answer is when we want to use internet on our computer and we have no wifi modem. The we connect our “Telephone Line” into our computer with line connector and ask our telephone company for internet connection on line. Company provide internet on our telephone line but the one thing is we can’t receive any call or make any call when we use internet. Because This connection can give one facility on same time. Due to this the internet name is Dial Up Internet connection. Some time Dial and some time Internet on one line.

  • Broadband Connection

This is the fast internet connection provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider). Companies provide this connection and connect with computer via ethernet cable. Broadband is considered high speed connection. Even many DSL connections connected with broadband connection.

  • DSL Connection

DSL is stand for (Digital Subscriber Line). This is like Dial Up Internet connection but with 2 wires of telephone. But it is upgraded technology of dial up. Telephone company connect two copper wires to user home and apply two facilities on one connection. 1st is Phone (for Calls) and 2nd is Internet via DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Lan Access Module). At the use end a little equipment use that called telephone splitter. We are thinking “what is telephone splitter”. The answer is telephone splitter has one input and two outputs. We put the telephone cable that coming from telephone company in splitter input and splitter divide it in two connections and give out put. One is telephone line and 2nd is internet. Due to this technology we can use internet and make call at the same time without any disturbance.

  • Wireless

Wireless connection is a very vast and easy to appear connection. One is the most important is we can easily make new connections with in minutes. Just need a tower and main internet connection and some antennas and spread free to air internet. we can use this on laptop, computer, mobile and other devices without and cable.

We have mentioned just some types of internet connections that are using most in the world. There are many other internet connections exist in the earth that provide good internet like Fiber, Satellite, Mobile, ISDN and Hotspot. Internet is must in this time to grow knowledge and this is important for those who work online from home.



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