Cryptocurrency Business

Cryptocurrency Business With the passage of time world is going to digital and new innovations. Every thing is moderating and become digitalize. In banking field your savings and balance depend on your digital account. Digital system make works fast and easy for peoples. So Now days we are going to use digital currency. Digital currency […]

New Technology innovation

Technology innovation What is technology innovation ?. Technology innovation is the changing and moderation in technical things. If any technical thing exist and we moderate with new features that help to work easy, best and faster then before is called technology innovations. For example there is an phone with 4G technology launched by ABC Company. […]

invention of LCD

Invention of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) George heilmeier was a electrical engineer and American citizen. He was born in May 22 1936 in America. He is the inventor of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). George life journey was so amazing especially in his work. Heilmeier was a BS Electrical engineer, researching on Electronics devices and pass […]

Top 5 Android Antivirus Apps

Virus Virus are some unwanted program that make your system slow/ disturb. Viruses are the part of programs that installed in operating system. There are many types of operating system like PC, phones (Android, Mac etc). As per this the viruses are different types computer virus, Android virus etc. Virus remove is a big effort […]

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Marketing Before the concept of affiliate marketing, it should learn what is marketing. There are different types of marketing in which you promote some products. Promoting anything is called marketing. People use different ways to promote the product. Promotion is an attraction for customers. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is a chain between advertisers […]

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