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invention of LCD

Invention of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

George heilmeier was a electrical engineer and American citizen. He was born in May 22 1936 in America. He is the inventor of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). George life journey was so amazing especially in his work. Heilmeier was a BS Electrical engineer, researching on Electronics devices and pass his M.E.S. MA and P.H.D degree in solid state materials and electronics. His aim to work for smart display for this purpose he were working on Liquid Crystals.

Work Experience in Electronics (LCD)

After a long time and hard work on semiconductor devices and their effects in different temperature and parametric amplification success. Finally He discovered different effects of electro-optic in crystal (liquid crystal) and invent DMS (dynamic scattering mode). DMS was the first Liquid crystal display in which a display comes in real. George heilmeier was working for government in military technology department and become as director of DARPA (Defense Advance Research Projects Agency). He helped to develop new technologies in Army because he was so good engineer and inventor of LCD. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a big invention for the whole world. Liquid Crystal Display is the King of display because it gives the good display without distartion.

Normal LCD display have two polarizing sheets and the Crystal solution liquid put between the sheets. James Fergason have the patent of LCD the patent  is key number is 3731986  in 1970.  Letter that started and international company  on the face of of LCD Patent in 1972 and Company name is (ILIXCO) the International liquid crystal company.

LCD 2 layers

But one thing you remember that LCD can works proper with 7 layers.

RSB (Reflective Surface Back light)

PFFHA (Polarizing Filter Film Horizontal Axis)

CSVR (Glass Substrate Vertical Ridges)

LC (Liquid Crystal)  main item

GSHR (Glass Substrate Horizontal Ridges

PFFVA (Polarizing Filter Film Vertical Axis

AL (Anti-glayer Layer)

Above mentioned all layer have different function perform and give us a smooth display. This makes the computer work easy.

Note: Before the invention of LCD the technology used CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) that effect very bad  on eyes health.

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