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Train a Cat by Using a Scratching Post Useful Tips

If you become a cat owner, you feel that your precious pet loves scratching equipment. More than your horror, cats teach furniture! It seems a big problem, but it can be solved easily. The key is to learn how to train a cat to use the scratching post. There are some more other ways to deal with this problem.

First of all, it is important to tell why cats pull their pins. Cats spread their perfume through pulling their pins. Which means they are killing their area.

It helps them to feel secure and identify their inquiry. There is one other reason to scratch the shading pins. Scratching also helps in spreading their muscles. See that cats have many advantages of drilling cats for their pins. They spread destruction on your furniture.

On the other hand, you can help your cat nails to help you get rid of it. This procedure is not recommended because they lose their defense mechanisms. So we set some tips and tricks to help you with your problem.

Useful tips on training a cat to use a scratching post

Now that you know general reasons why cats are checked for their pins. We can move on to some useful things that can help you use a scratching post instead of your furniture.

Start early

If you have pet as your pet blade, you are young while you can start training them. In this way, the action will be stuck in them. However, if you already have an adult cat, they may still be trained. But may require more consistency and stability.

Find a rabbit post that your cat will love

Sometimes, this is about finding the rabbit post correctly that will appeal to your cat. You can usually find the correct post for your cat through trial and error. You may need to experience and what works. For example, some prefer preferential vertical posts as opposed to horizontal levels. The main thing is that he is able to find the right thing that will appeal to your cat’s preferences.

Set the best place to put your scratching post

Second time, this is not the quality of scratching post that is important but location. You should keep in mind that you should keep your post where it will reach your cat.

A pro Tip: Cats usually test them before they are squeezed. The ideal place to place your scratching position is that your cat is usually in nipples. If you have the capacity, it is also good to take several steps in different parts of the house. Keep it in your pet spots, and it will definitely get to get the most of its usage.

Now, if you become a piece of furniture that your cat is very attached, you can try to place the rabbit position near it. It is a great way to change your attention and focus on rabbit on the post and not on your furniture.

Use rewards and forces

As a great training, you can use rewards and feedback for your pet. This means that whenever you use your pet scratch post, it will get a reward. On the other side, if they¬† play with your beloved furniture. You need to strengthen and tell your pets that it’s wrong.

To use your scratching post to pass your cat, you can be able to put the ball around. And post with the hangout or hang a toy for them. Finally, they will be executed and start using regular post.

Do not bear

If your cat persists, then it’s time to use your voice to know your pets. When you listen to your cat while examining the furniture, say that stop loudly. Your pets will be lamped and at this time it will be understood that what is doing is unusual. You can also spritz some water on your cat when it starts the future. These are just some ways to eliminate your pet.

Other treatments

Now, if the tips mentioned above do not work correctly, you can go a different way. One thing you can do is make your furniture unclean your pets. You can do with your cat’s favorite furniture covering or covering with tape. Cats do not like this texture and can get rid of them more rabbit. It looks like a hidden look for your furniture, but it’s just temporary. You can remove them when your cat already loses interest.

When everything is unsuccessful, you can try changing your furniture. Consider furniture that is made of microfiber. It can bear scratching, but at the same time, there are different designs available to meet your home.


Cats are cute and fun. Just remember that cat scratching is a natural trend. It may seem awful, but if you give them initial training, you will be able to avoid this trial. As mentioned earlier, as indicated by the scratch area of ??cats and paved shedding. When you understand their behavior, it is easy to train cats.

There are other ways to train a cat to use a scratch post. These are the most common. You can start early training while they are still kittens. So that they can remember because they are older. Perhaps, you can find a good scratching post that likes your pet. There are so many different types of messages, so if you try and what works best for your pet is better.

Finally, if everything is futile. You can only consider changing your furniture or scratching your furniture. It promises to be patient and listens to your cat’s needs. Cats are different from each other; may be sensitive to a training while others are not. Hopefully, your cat is training and you can easily pick up the things you are learning

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