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Fast work Computer tricks

Computer tricks

Most of the peoples want to work fast and achieve good progress. Computer field is very tricky and competitive but you can become a computer master with practice. We work every day but our work is not growing because of not attraction at work. Basic knowledge of computer hardware and software can help understand computer problems. Computer tricks are very easy but you can be expert with time and concentration. Today we will teach you some tricks about the computer that will help you to do work fast and easy.

List of Programs tricks

  • Very first you just make a list of computer programs in notepad running in your computer.
  • Notepad list open and analyse which are the very important for your work.
  • Sprat all the important programs and extra programs
  • Uninstall/ delete all extra programs that are not very important for work.

Program Running (computer tricks)

  • Running programs are very affected on computer performance. A good computer trick is to solve this problem.
  • Run the few programs and don’t run more than 4 programs on a time.
  • Concept programs which are very heavy and lite.
  • Prefer lite programs for computer.
  • Watch youtube video and learn.

Hard disk cleanup (computer tricks)

Hard disk is very important part of computer. Some time computer is very slow and you have been apply all the trick but your computer is still slow. In this case one thing you should do that is cleanup of your computer hard disk. In this process defragment hard disk is very important. Disk defragment is the process in which rearrange hard disk memory. Clean/ delete little boxes of memory that’s are spare and free in the memory. Disk Fragment are the hols that makes automatically in memory and data can not save in these holes.

Restart OS (Operating system)

Servers and computer can work 24/7 but it don’t tired. In actual its tired when current flow in circuits that make heat. Heat can affect computer processor. If your computer work for long time then you should turn off that one time in a week.

Extend RAM

RAM is very import of computer and RAM impact directly on computer speed. RAM increment can fast your computer and give a new computer speed.

Install Antivirus

There are many viruses built in computer time to time and make issues in program running. Computer viruses makes automatically in computer and all are in computer memory. Viruses can be in Hard drive and can be in RAM. Viruses cleanup is very important that for resolving of this issue you should install antivirus in your PC/ Computer.

Delete temporary files (Fast in Computer tricks)

Temporary files are the files that run when you open any program. When you close that program these files still run and don’t stop. Temporary files are heavy and make speed slow of your computer. A good trick is to delete this file:-

How to delete Temporary files

  • Go to start menu and type RUN in the search bar.
  • Open Run
  • Type %temp% and press enter.
  • A folder opens after entering press and many files show here.
  • Just select all the files with ctrl +A and delete that all files.

you can open run with Window+ R.

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