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Future Business Plans And Strategic Choices

Ask what strategy is ten business people, and most will give the same answer: The strategy is a long-term plan. My undergraduate students respond as same on the first day of their strategic management class. Besides, many people use the word to increase the importance of their activities. “I am very happy because after one year we have completed our five-year Strategic Plan. It was a great business executive. Although difficult, we did it. The purpose of his strategic plan was a goal. He presented his board of directors and then went to another important project. It does not understand the strategy and strategic management.

About strategy choices

When I learned chess, I learned a strategy in college as a young man. Soon I’ve got a chess find a strategy game. Every human starts with the purpose of capturing the king of another person. Everyone needs to understand the value. And understand character of the pieces of individual chess,especially how each move. The monkey develops a space. An ultimate LL format is available in many suitable places as Knight, Bush. Where the queen goes to every place available in the order.

You can not play chess from the chess; focus on your goal. Before each move, they understand how to respond to the other player. It is facing accountability. When the opponent runs , revise your viewpoint.

What is the chess strategy? It’s your choice to get your goal to defeat your competition. This is the strategy – the choice to achieve your goals. And the strategy is not static, but dynamic. Once you decide your view to capture the king of your opponent. Then if it runs an immune move, review your strategy and adjust it . Never select the game plan to check the king and follow it , change as needed. Use anti-pattern patterns (past) and to develop your viewpoint (future). Sometimes do not choose¬† “strategic plans” and file it. Update it to show current available selections to complete the business mission.

Strategic and negative selection

During my 32-year business career, I learned three valuable lessons about the strategy. First, the strategy allows you to improve the resources. Whenever you take resources into an area, you refuse other resources to other areas. It’s important to keep in mind. Although clear, sometimes we do not spend much time watching this negative selection.

The third notable lesson is that some choices will not come to expectations. Those will be impossible for reverse in the medium term. When this happens, if you have made a mistake, recognize it. You must check out the available selection soon. You have to understand that it is part of a strategic journey. You will not correct every decision. The strategy is not static, but is dynamic.

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