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Why do you need to stop networking opportunities?

A colleague of mine recently flew to another country to attend a sizeable social event, which was meant to be fun. In this special ceremony, there were many people who knew it. At one point, a successful entrepreneur came up to her and started a networking conversation after quick pleasantries that lasted less than a minute.

“Do you happen to know anyone who might be interested in our service?”

“I know you’ve started to develop contacts in Europe. Did you know that our company has done excellent work overseas?

One of his companions recently flew to another country to participate in a social event, which means fun. In this special ceremony, many people who knew it. On one occasion, a successful businessman came to him and began a networking conversation after the rapid prosperity, which continued for less than a minute.

“Do you have to know someone who is interested in serving us?”

“I know you have begun to promote communication in Europe. Did you know that our company has worked overseas abroad?

Networking is an art

The fact is that the networking art is. Due to the fact that my partner was immediately replaced by the business, the fact is that he appreciated and liked his work because he did not want to sell – especially social In the function!

Access the issues

Right-to-face and networking in the right moment. It’s not just about meeting someone else and blathering about your achievements and what you are looking for. It is about to provide value for those in front of the right people and to detect win / win.

The right people

My colleague was not one of the right people for the entrepreneur and his industry. She did not have any contacts in that industry, and as the entrepreneur began to pitch his business and successes, my colleague wondered why she was being pitched at a party on a topic and industry she barely knew.

Strategic Networking

As I said, there are people there who believe that networking time is lost, and to a specific extent, that’s true. That’s why it is easy: people do what businesses do. They are not strategic about their networking. They just talk to people to talk and then wonder that they do not come. To succeed in networking:

  • Be careful about the people you want to speak and find out how they have access. The fact is that you do not want to talk about your business most. You just want to talk to the right people. One year ago, a piece wrote about Harvard Business’s review about networking, and a story about Davies. The author wrote about an extraordinary network that said that everything in Davis could do or research for everything. However, Davis’s greatest value was access to the development and depth of the right people and relationships.

  • Do not take immediate results in networking. People may be disheartened with networking because they think they do not want the results that they want. Did the businessman make sure he has made a new agreement with his colleague? I think deep down, he knew it would not happen. The best networking comes from promoting solid relationships with the right people, which creates winning opportunities and conditions for both parties. The best networking is really a very strategic effort.

  • Sometimes the best opportunities are created from people who are not the closest supporters of you. We faced one of the best selling experiences that had to face with someone and personally associated with someone as we came with ideas. The conversation ended, in which six six data agreement was changed, but it came from a relationship that was not hot. I knew this person a bit, but there was a freshness and dynamic in a relatively new relationship. Often, people feel to have networking with them, with which you have a lot of distinction.

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