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The Importance Of The Client’s Agreement

Whether you are starting in a business  commercially and professionally. You should have a contract when doing business – not to protect yourself. But also to protect your customers.

One day it does not happen that I hear the terrible stories about the misconceptions on projects. That could easily stop the easy deal.

Tell that the work you are providing and the costs included. They should also state that can not be included. Such as accidental content value and maximum copy changes etc.
Always write your intent and email the client.

Their email response with “deposit” is a contract agreement. For more security, they have to sign a copy of the contract and mail or fax it to you. My policy is that when I am not paid below, I will not start any work and the agreement can be signed. It not only protects your business but also shows me that the customer is serious about their hearts.

When you have developed a good, solid connection with your client. Then there is a monthly budget standard. But till then, 50% down is not worried. After all, you are working to risk – and most often, customer-based money are not paying “do not like design.”

Remember, you hire employee to work. It is possible on a client who is based on the research. The results of your design capability, decides to rent you. You did not “get them happy”.

Now it sounds like a cold heart, and I care about each of my customers, and I work for them. But, when I am employing, for example, to do the logo – I am employed to design my logo based logo. After appropriate time, if they do not just like design, I come – they are still obliged to serve me. I have tried to improve the work and identify “problem”. But as long as the client can not fulfill his wishes, I have not yet completed the “reading brain.”

And I expect to pay for my efforts. But a professional designer will be able to work with customers finally. The customer will satisfy the project’s satisfaction. In the 23 years I am providing marketing and designing. There are only 3-4 examples where I was not just able to design the customer’s satisfaction – and on one occasion. They refused to pay because They decide to close the business. I finally booked for $ 100! Can you imagine, crush your credit, more than such a small amount. You should not mention your reputation!

That’s why I could have been able to collect money. Thus there was a written and signed contract for the project. I also had documentary documents that had arrived – it was not consider “competitive.”

I was able to satisfy other customers, working outside my office. I got a synced match for their needs and finally all were happy. And this is your final goal: satisfaction and service.

In closing, remembering art belongs to the art. You can not do everything for everything. And everyone will not like your design style – but there are many people. So, remember to be professional and trust in your work. There are sample portfolios to showcase their design style and above. A contract is ready for signature!

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