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Data Recover

Data Backup Seven Golden Most Important Laws

The backup of the company’s data is done for two main reasons. The first is to fulfill the time when a document has been unusually deleted or damaged. You want to retrieve the original document. As part of the second one disaster recovery plan. When something in your computers is destructive (for example, fire or stolen).

Backup cost time, money and effort to apply, and as long as you have no right to the price of their needs. This means they can be less preferred. But eventually they can easily represent the difference between their business and failure. In this TipSet, we see the most common mistakes made with backups.

1. Frequently Backup

The data is harder to re-enter. Once backing up your company’s data in a week. It means that most of you should be able to re-input one week once one day back up your company’s data backup backup. It is that most of you are capable of re-input one day. Repeated backup backup reduces the impact of the database.

2. Do Not Keep Any Unstable Data On The Desktop PC

In many organizations, documents are placed on a desktop PC hard drive. It is unlikely that it is a regular backup, if absolutely. A PC can easily be changed: It’s not so easy to convert the quotes to the previous week. Specifically, check the email that is not stored on a local hard drive. It is very common in medium-sized business business. All documents, spreadsheets, emails etc, should be placed on a central server. Which is automatically backed up.

3. Automatically The Backup Process

Are hard to backup At 6:30 pm. Mostly people prefer to close the house or meet friends at the bar. They go barĀ  instead of staying in the office to find the right tape and start a backup. Solid tasks automatically mean.

4. Monitor The Backup Process

Backup is automatically a good idea at once, check that they are running correctly. Make sure the new files are being backed up. Make sure new users’ files are being backed up. Once a week, a quick check could end up with a very serious problem.

5. Keeping Backups Offsite

If your business premises are facing fire or flood, then the backup media may also be lost. Fire protection reserves only protects media for a fixed time usually one hour. If you use someone, check the manufacturer’s details. If you always want to keep your backup tape in the server. The thief will probably throw the tape when the thief is stolen. It does not have anything, but it can represent you bankruptcy.

6. Read The “Backup Recovery” Manual

A big disaster is not time to try to remember data recovery from your backup media. A stupid-proof, step-by-step is written – with a copy of your site’s detail-related copy of your company’s data.

7. Regularly Test The Recovery Method

Without warning, give a staff member back to the backup and see how long it takes to recover the data. Many organizations have never done this! It should be included in the test if no manual or auto-backup is included. Test results should be analyzed and manually updated manuals. Recovery test should be done at least After every six months. It proves that backups are useless, and that your organization is necessary to use them.

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