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How to create TikTok videos that get millions of views quickly

In today’s article, I’m going to share you exactly how to create TikTok videos that get millions of views quickly. And easy using nothing but my iPhone videos, like this one here or like this one, this one.
And as you can see many others, there is a trick to it. And I’ll tell you, if you’re just starting to make TikTok videos, you want to kind of decide, what do I want to do, what do I want to talk about?
And something that you want to talk about every single day.
Because on the TikTok platform, producing content daily makes a huge difference over time. And once you decide kind of what you want to do, you need to either educate or entertain.
So you either need to show somebody how to do something or entertainment, dancing, comedian, whatever it is.
For me, I’ve chosen the educate or inform side of it. And if you look at my site, I talk about tech, but more specifically, how to do different things with your iPhone, like this, like recording TikTok videos.
So let’s jump into exactly what I do to produce a winning TikTok video millions views.

A Hook:

Number one, you need a hook. That’s a hook. It stops people from scrolling. You need to do something that stops people. And if you look at all my videos, they start the same. I flash onto the screen.

Get to the point quickly :

And important point number two is get to the point quickly, tell them exactly why they need to watch this video. And that’s so important.
You don’t want to get on and talk and talk and talk. I found that if the videos are shorter and more to the point, I found 30 seconds or less kind of tends to be that sweet spot. They get viewed more, they get shared more, they get more comments.
Because if your videos are close to a minute long, you just lose viewers. And if you’re losing viewers, they’re not commenting, they’re not sharing, they’re not liking it.
So if you have a lot to talk about, that’s okay. But pick just one quick point and get to it right away.


Next, whatever niche you’re in, you need to be an expert or you need to at least have some knowledge and do quite a bit of research.
And it’s easy, really, in about any niche to go on Google and come up with a lot of different topics of what you’re going to talk about.
But you need to come up with things that people say, wow, I didn’t know that, or, wow, that’s really good to know.


So make sure whatever content that you’re producing does exactly that. It answers a question, or if it’s entertainment, it entertains somebody quickly where they say, well, I like that. And it has to once again, on TikTok, on this platform, be done pretty fast.

Need fancy camera equipment?

A lot of people think that you need fancy camera equipment. I do have fancy camera equipment right here.
However, it’s not the equipment that I use when I film TikTok videos because I just use my iPhone right here. Simply vertical videos done quickly and that really works well, especially when you’re getting started. Must make sure that you have good sound, that if you’re outside. The wind’s not blowing and people can’t hear what you’re saying, but your phone is perfect for getting started.
You really don’t need any more than that. I made over a million followers. To this day, I still use my phone on all my videos so don’t go out and purchase a bunch of equipment.

Start making content:

The next piece is the hardest and it stops literally everyone who wants to create videos but hasn’t done it yet. And that’s press record, you have to press record. You have to make that video because if you don’t make it, then it’s not going to get out there and be seen.
And you know, a lot of people say, well, I’m nervous. We’re all nervous when we first start. You’re nervous you’re going to make mistakes. You trip over your words. I still do that to this day It’s okay.
Just get on, talk about whatever you’re going to talk about. Be real You’re going to make mistakes. Real people, we’re all real people.
We make mistakes and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you absolutely have to hit record.
And once you do throw the video out there and if it doesn’t get views, don’t take it personally. Tiktok wants to see that you’re going to be a creator who creates content on a regular basis.
So when you first start filming three to five videos each and every single day until you start to get some momentum, that makes a huge difference.

Call to action:

Last but not least is a call to action. For instance, below this article there’s a link to a free training. I also give you a free checklist at where I show you exactly what hashtags to use, how exactly you want to position your videos. Every single thing and it’s absolutely free.
Once again, have a call to action like click the link down below or if you don’t have anywhere that you want to send people, just tell them, hey, check out my next article on my website. You want to make sure and end with getting people to read more of your content.
And hey, if you like this article, I’d love it if you hit that thumbs up. Also, if you have any questions, throw a comment down below and I will certainly answer it once again.

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