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Coronavirus Uptate

Preparations and precautions For Coronavirus

precautions For Coronavirus The speed at which Corona patients are increasing across Pakistan, especially in those who do not even have a travel history.

Some precautions For Coronavirus are very important.

1) Wash or thoroughly clean incoming milk or suds bags.

2) Close the newspaper and read the newspaper online – Allaah has put in a test so that you should increase the time of worship and reading the Qur’an.

3) Keep the postage and courier in a separate place and open it with glues after 24 hours – Stay away from Amazon and Daraaz – If health is good then shopping will happen again –

4) Leave the aunts and drivers with a few days’ pays, or strictly restrict them not to touch the door, etc. – When coming home, immediately force them to wash their hands first. Then clean the doorbell and so on.

5) Wash fruits and vegetables at home.

6) Remote, mobile phones and keyboards are the dirtiest to clean them on time – they should be cleaned at least once a day.

7) Wash hands for at least 20 seconds each hour – Sneeze and then elbow forward –

8) Keep a glass of water separate for everyone in the household.

9) From time to time, hand washing is done whether you are at home or in the office. Arrange it at least once every hour.

10) Avoid going out. Try to be as careful as you can with ordinary rides on public transport. If not at all possible use your personal vehicle with a mask. Careem and Uber may also be used from time to time.

11) Avoid going to gyms, swimming pools and other places of work or where it is not possible to avoid touching and airborne.

12) Children’s tuition, reader, coaching classes, etc. should be stopped at all.

13) The most important thing is to never place your hands on your child’s face or nose, eyes, etc. and explain to your children and parents as well.

14) Be especially careful of the elderly and ask them to avoid going out, such as a park walk or walkway. Take your prayer in the mosque and arrange for it to be offered.

Please take care of your family and take care of your loved ones.

Wearing a mask is better than a ventilator.
Living at home is better than living in the ICU.
Handwashing is better than handwashing.
Better than cure.

If possible, forward it to Your lovely friends and family members.

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