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Coronavirus in Pakistan | Coronavirus strengthens grip on Pakistan

Coronavirus comes from china and now it’s doing an effect on Pakistan people. All Pakistani People fear this Coronavirus because it’s very dangerous. Now Coronavirus strengthens grip on Pakistan.

Coronavirus in Pakistan

Last week was a turbulent period for Pakistan as the country saw a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in all provinces. So far, the national number is 246 which is stated in 181 in Sindh, 26 in Punjab, 16 in Balochistan, 19 in KP, 5 in Azad Jammu / Gilgit-Baltistan, and 2 in Islamabad.
Most of the recent cases have been reported in pilgrims returning from the storm quarantine of Sindh and Punjab, in which irregularities have been reported. As of yesterday, the official number at local outbreaks was only 5, while all other confirmed cases were infected with the virus from outside Pakistan. But the new situation also indicates an increase in domestic shipments.
Coronavirus in Pakistan
In his address to the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke in detail about the impact of the outbreak on the country and the nation should take steps to deal with the outbreak. They tell the nation that although COVID-19 is highly contagious, 97% of victims have survived. He also said that national closures like America or Europe are not possible in Pakistan because the fragile economy of a developing country cannot afford it.
Coronavirus in Pakistan pic
Meanwhile, Sindh intensified its efforts to fight the epidemic by announcing some drastic measures including enforcing Section 144, closing restaurants and shopping malls, closing public parks and beaches, closing government offices. This includes the suspension of city buses. And the hospital’s OPD closed, among others.

Cricket fans in Pakistan received ridiculous news about going to the Pakistan Super League (PSL) a few hours before the semi-finals on Tuesday.

Iran has the highest number of deaths due to the Coronavirus. According to details, the highest death toll is due to Coronavirus in Iran today. In just one day, 147 people have died from this deadly virus. After that, the total number of deaths in Iran has risen to 1,535.
Iranian state TV also warns that millions of people in Iran can die of the Coronavirus. Official TV says millions of people can be killed if people do not travel freely and do not follow hygiene principles.

So far 988 coronavirus patients have died in Iran while thousands have been infected with the virus.


For this reason, Iran has temporarily freed 85,000 prisoners as part of its efforts to control Corona. The Coronavirus outbreak is spreading rapidly in Iran. Iran ranks third among coronavirus deaths worldwide. China is second and Italy is second. To be clear, Iran has previously had a unique case of the Krona virus transmitting from Iran to other countries.
Corona Iraqi patient calls on his companion on his return home from Iran, with 80 people invited. According to media sources, people at the meal were shocked to learn that their host had coronary disease.
The guests also expressed sorrow and regret that when the host knew that he had arrived in Iran from Vicente’s victim and had been infected with the Coronavirus, he should not have invited friends and relatives home for food. So I reached home in ignorance.

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