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Pakistani fashion designer Sana Hashwani – infected by the coronavirus

Pakistani fashion designer Sana Hashwani also suffers from the Coronavirus, according to rebel TV. Pakistani fashion designer Sana Hashwani is the victim of Coronavirus and is currently undergoing treatment at Quarantineh Center.

According to rebel TV, Sana Hashwani’s Coronavirus was discovered when her test came out positive. Which has been sent to Quarantineh Center under preventive measures where she is undergoing treatment.

The number of Corona virus-infected in Pakistan has risen to 646, Sindh has reported the highest number of 292 cases, Punjab 152, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 31, Gilgit Baltistan, 55 confirmed, 104 in Balochistan, Islamabad 11, Azad Kashmir There was 1 case report.

Corona wars continue to spread, dangerous viruses ravage 188 countries around the world. The worldwide death toll has risen to 13,067. Corona has affected more than 308,000 people so far, 793 deaths in Italy in a single day. Six people were killed in South Korea, 2 in China and the Philippines, six in the US and 46 more in the US. Lockdown was also launched in Africa.

After China, Corona spread in Europe, Italy suffered massive devastation from the Coronavirus. The highest number of 793 casualties in 24 hours. The total number was 4,825.

The death toll has risen to 348, with 46 more deaths in the US, 2,652 new cases reported, 1556 in Iran, 1381 in Spain and 562 in France.

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