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Jobs Types

Store clerk work and duties during job

Do you think that to work as a store clerk you only need a good image and being nice to customers is the only thing? We are sorry to tell you that this is not the case, the dependent job is one of the ones that you must meet the most, not only because you are facing the public, but because it involves many more tasks.

If you like fashion and want to work as a clerk in a fashion store, with us you can do it since we have daily store clerk job offers where, with a good curriculum, you can access one of the most dynamic jobs there are in fashion Do you want to go to work as a dependent?

Job Qualities as a Dependent

In general, dependent work involves receiving, serving and successfully making a sale to the customer. It has no mystery, although it is true that you need a series of qualities to achieve it.

These qualities are:


  • Vocation. Dependents must be willing to help others. In every store, the customer is the most important person in the place and meet the needs of the employee’s job objective.
  • Self Control The situation that happens when having to attend to several clients will cause, sometimes, you can lose your temper before people. That is why you have to know how to keep calm by avoiding negative reactions to a client. As bad as one person may fall, you must be professional and treat in a respectful way (even if the other does not). In these cases it is the store manager who must resolve the conflict.
  • Teamwork. Because achieving the goal of the store involves everyone and you have to be able to work with the rest of the partners to get it.
  • Empathy. It is one of the most important qualities because, putting yourself in the client’s shoes and knowing what each of them is looking for, understanding the thoughts and concerns that are not expressed verbally will make them value you much more positively as a dependent.
  • Sale. Yes, the ultimate goal of a dependent is to sell. But not at any price. You have to know how to apply negotiation and sales techniques, sometimes subtly, to get customers to leave the store with a product.

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