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Stock Manager

If your vocation has always been to work as a stock manager, now you can do it since, in a company, we bring you the opportunity to find work in fashion stores that can make you climb steps to higher-ranking positions. Do you want to be in charge of stock?

Work as stock manager

A stock manager is responsible for tracking the stock of the products. The professional must ensure that there is a stock control in accordance with the company’s policy. To do this, it establishes a series of procedures with which it keeps track of the physical inventory of the company and participates in the objectives of the company’s stock policy. At the same time, it is also able to propose ideas or measures in case there are problems with the stock.

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Job responsibilities as stock-manager

As a professional in charge of stock, the functions you carry out vary greatly depending on the inventory you have to carry out. But, in general, as a manager, you will have to take care of:

  • Define what will be the procedures and control methods so that the stock is adequate at all times, without losing anything.
  • Organize the physical and documentary control systems that will be carried out. To do this, you must establish the days that an inventory of stock will be made to assess the need or not to request more products of a certain category.
  • Use computer systems for inventory control.
  • Notify your supervisor of excessive or limited levels of stocks that may initiate settlements or offers and changes in the prices of different products.
  • Promote quality programs and stock reduction. You can propose ideas to give more output to stocks or set limitations on the products to have in stock.
  • Inform the person responsible for delays in the arrival of stock or problems related to orders or returns of a stock.
  • Document all the stock that is available, both ready-to-sell products and those that have deteriorated, setting alarms in case the products fall below a minimum.
  • Check the supply deadlines to know the dates on which there will be a stock replenishment.

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