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Store Manager work and duties during job

Store Manager: Have you ever thought about who is the person who is responsible for achieving the objectives of fashion stores and what needs to be done to carry it out? Have you thought about working in a fashion store to improve your sales and make the store grow and stand out as one of the best? Well, the position you aspire to work for is Store Manager.
Working as Store Manager implies that your main function is to achieve the sales objective that has been established by the brand, maximizing the profitability of the store and achieving that goal. To do this, you will have to carry out efficient management of the human team and also control what the commercial trends are in order to reach those customers and make them obtain the expected result.

The functions of a Store Manager

  • Finding a job as a Store Manager with Any Company is not difficult, but you must be knowledgeable about the functions that you will have to work as a Store Manager. Between them:
  • You will be responsible, together with the human resources department, for the hiring of the personnel that will be in charge of the store manager and its to achieves the sales objective. In this case, you should take care of scheduling the work of each employee and managing their performance.
  • You will also be in charge of managing the products, not only the orders but the price modifications, promotions, offers, returns, damaged products, etc. You will be working together with the stock manager in this regard and also with the auditor.
  • You will deal with problems that may occur in unusual cases or in those that the store manager cannot mediate for a prompt solution.
You will face the questions, doubts, suggestions, and problems that could affect customers.
If you are going to work as SM you must meet the sales goals that are established on a monthly, quarterly or annual level with the team you are in charge of, so it is important to know them and make them more productive to achieve the objectives. To perform the work as SManager you can count on colleagues who have the responsibility at the management level, the so-called store managers, although they can also be supervisors, assistant managers, department heads, etc.

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