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Jobs in 2019

Types of jobs in fashion designing company – Rabbi Guru

Types of jobs In the world of fashion there are different jobs that are filled according to the needs and qualifications of each worker. Many times you start from the bottom and if you follow a career plan, you may be able to promote yourself internally until you reach higher jobs. Would you like to work in fashion? Do you want to find a Store Manager job? Do you prefer to work as a dependent? In any company, it is possible because we bring you interesting job offers to find a job as a store manager, cashier, clerk, etc. All you have to do is know what you want to work on.

Types of jobs positions

If you are going to work in fashion, the jobs you are going to find are the following:

          Store Manager          

Have you ever thought about who is the person who is responsible for achieving the objectives of fashion stores and what needs to be done to carry it out? Have you thought about working in a fashion store to improve your sales and make the store grow and stand out as one of the best? Well, the position you aspire to work for is Store Manager. Read More

          Store clerk          

Do you think that to work as a store clerk you only need a good image and being nice to customers is the only thing? We are sorry to tell you that this is not the case, the dependent job is one of the ones that you must meet the most, not only because you are facing the public, but because it involves many more tasks.

If you like fashion and want to work as a clerk in a fashion store, with us you can do it since we have daily store clerk job offers where, with a good curriculum, you can access one of the most dynamic jobs there are in fashion Do you want to go to work as a dependent ? Read More

          Stock Manager          

If your vocation has always been to work as a stock manager, now you can do it since, in we bring you the opportunity to find work in fashion stores that can make you climb steps to higher-ranking positions. Do you want to be in charge of stock? Read More

          HR Assistant          

The Human Resources department is one of the most important in every business since it becomes the heart of a company. Working in this section involves carrying out multiple activities and being in close contact with both superiors and the workers themselves. Does it call you to work as an HR assistant ? Then in anu company you have the doors open. Read More


Have you ever thought about working as an auditor? Are you an orderly person who plans well everything around him? Do you have wood to thoroughly analyze a business? The job of an auditor may be what you are looking for to get a stable job. What if you want to work as an auditor? Read More

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