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Jake Paul won his first fight against a mostly boxing opponent. The YouTube star won by knockout in the first round. He fought against Andre August, a lesser-known boxer from Houston. This victory improved his career record to 8-1. The 26-year-old hadn’t finished a fight since December 2021. He had knocked out Tyron Woodley in the sixth round. That was four fights ago.

Paul secured the victory with a remarkable uppercut.


Paul has defeated four mixed martial artists, one former NBA player, one YouTuber, and now a boxer. Paul lost his only fight to a real boxer, Tommy Fury, in a split-decision defeat.

August, who was 35 years old, had a record of 10-1-1. This was why Paul decided to fight him, even though he wasn’t well-known. Before the fight, Paul told USA Today that he had heard the call-outs of “Fight a real boxer.” He criticized his opponent’s footwork. He predicted he wouldn’t land a punch.

That number didn’t quite bear out, but it was close. According to Compubox, Paul landed more punches than August, with a count of 8 compared to August’s 6, in their sole round of fighting. August had his second fight in four years. He returned to the ring in August after not fighting since 2019.

Paul sees this victory as a step toward a championship belt. He confidently predicts a first-round knockout. He attributes it to the power of manifestation.

“I’ve been too kind, allowing them to last until the later rounds. I said I needed to bring back the old ‘Problem Child.’ I set up my shot, and he went night-night,” said Paul, emphasizing his strategic approach.

Paul remains reflective regarding what this win proves. He states, “I don’t know what I proved tonight.” I’m just gonna be myself. This is a step in the journey, moving closer to becoming a world champion. Clearly, these guys can’t keep up with me. He’s been doing this his whole life. What’s next? It’s going to be even bigger.”

After his triumphant victory, people are wondering about Paul’s future in boxing. Paul suggests that he already has a planned opponent. He teases that he will make an announcement next week. This keeps the excitement alive for the next phase of his journey in the sport.

Jake Paul’s First-Round Dominance: Lights Out Against Andre August

Jake Paul's First-Round Dominance Lights Out Against Andre August


The Problem Child made a promise and kept it, defeating Andre August in less than three minutes. August’s hopes were crushed on Saturday night by a powerful punch. The analysis doesn’t need to be detailed. It happened at 2 minutes and 32 seconds. Jake Paul silenced his critics.

The Problem Child won his ninth professional victory. He achieved it with a knockout against a committed boxer. It was a sweet victory.

“I had been saying it all week; I predicted a first-round victory. It was a quick rally. The Problem Child, despite his graciousness, shut down the criticism. The fighter now boasts a record of 8 wins and 1 loss, with five knockouts.

Paul had advantages in height, weight, and reach. He didn’t give August any chance to showcase his skills. As soon as the opportunity arose, Paul swiftly ended the match in a crowded night in Orlando, Florida.

“Exciting things are on the horizon. I can’t reveal details now, but something significant is happening next week,” he added.

Franchon Crews-Dezurn won the World Boxing Council super middleweight championship. It happened on the same night. She earned the title by defeating her rival Shadasia Green. The decision was unanimous.

Jake Paul vs. Andre August: Unveiling the Prize Money – What Boxers Are Earning Tonight?

Jake Paul vs. Andre August Unveiling the Prize Money – What Boxers Are Earning Tonight

Jake Paul will be back in the ring on Friday night. He will be facing professional boxer Andre August. The fight will take place in Orlando, Florida.

The YouTube sensation has a 7-1 record in professional boxing. He recently lost to Tommy Fury. Paul’s defeat marked his first fight against a professional boxer. He had mostly competed against mixed martial artists before. They included former UFC champions Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva.

In Friday’s match (15 December), the 26-year-old American will face a skilled boxer. He is recovering from his loss to Fury and won against UFC icon Nate Diaz in August.

August, who is 35 years old, is not well-known in boxing. However, he has an impressive record of 10 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw, with 5 knockouts. In comparison, Paul has only 4 knockouts.

The purses for Friday’s fight are undisclosed. Sports Zion reported that Paul earned $2.8 million for his bout with Fury in February. This amount could potentially increase to around $8.6 million with pay-per-view shares. Paul’s net worth was approximately $30 million before the Fury fight. It is believed to have doubled since then, according to Marca.

The earnings for August on Friday are uncertain. They are expected to be less than the reported $500,000 guaranteed for Diaz in a previous fight.

Paul mentioned to TMZ that he is giving up a lot of money, one hundred percent. This is likely a break-even fight for me. I may not even profit from it. The focus is not on money, but on staying sharp. I challenge myself in the ring with these guys for the experience. He’s a beast.”

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