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Five more members of West Indies cricket fall victim to Corona series is at risk

A big decision is expected to be made by the West Indian Cricket Board

Five more members of the team, including three West Indies players, were shocked to fall victim to Corona. This brings the total number suffering from Corona in the team’s visiting squad to eight.

West Indies tour to Pakistan proved difficult to maintain. Wicketkeeper and batsman Shy Hope and spinner Akil Hussain and the all-rounder Justin Graves’ coveted 19 Test scores were positive. The series started to be a source of concern.

Coronavirus test of three West Indies cricket team players coming to Pakistan has been positive.

The Indian board of directors says that those infected with the coronavirus comprise Sheldon Cantrell, Ruston Chase, and Kyle Meyers. At the same time, an official from the team has also had corona-related issues.

As per the West Indies Board, all four players were vaccinated but did not show any evidence of the coronavirus. The three players, as well as officials of the team, have been placed in quarantine.

It is worth noting it is the fact that the very first T20 game in the series of Pakistan, as well as West Indies, is scheduled on Monday, and in this circumstance, the corona test for the players has been positive.

Coach assistant Rudy Eastwick and team physician Dr. Akshay Man Singh too have a positive report that caused concern.

On the other hand, the major decision is likely to come out of the West Indian Cricket Board. Sources further said that the decision to continue or stop the series would be taken following a consultation between the two boards.

Five of them have been removed by their West Indies squad, are under the supervision and care given by medical professionals, and will remain in isolation for ten days or until the results are negative of PCR test.

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