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6 Food Mixtures That Are Unhealthy

Cook is more than cooking, this is what we do on a daily basis. There are many traditional foods that we have always shared. But without the effects it has negative health without it. We eat that comes from eating more and more. As our parents have eaten us and the favorite dishes that we have time and again. In fact, a lot of people have taken a lot of consideration in the effects of their health. When we eat, we are not very interested in taking care of our body. Because only those people get rid of hungry pain and escape from the buds to taste.

Eating should always be a pleasant and even the most shiny event. But we should actually give us energy, we should keep strong, and instead of moving forward. We should feel less or less. Awesome unhappy feelings that we have been sticking after eating our good food. We have to do with the food we are getting.

We all do not have a good recommendation for finding a nutrition or two. A food guide helps us to make our proper balanced diet. Healthy food is not just about eating some lathe. It feels that how much food items are considered to be from the body’s needs.

1. Make favorite dressing for the diet version on your favorite salad.

You can not win for losing. Due to switching to this nutritional salad dressing you feel getting healthy. It’s actually not a very good choice. Vegetables are huge things for our body, and are an important part of healthy diet. Unfortunately it’s fat, this great tasting salad dressing actually helps absorb the body. Benefit from all the valuable benefits that vegetable salads give us. The diet prescription does not have any weight loss. To maintain an active lifestyle, including eating balanced and healthy foods. Exercises and games is really a weight loss and helps keep fit. Do not buy everything with the word diet at the local grocery store.

2. By combining eggs with stack, you know those famous steaks and eggs that can meet  lumberjack

It’s never a good idea to mix different types of proteins. Mix eggs with vegetable vegetables, and then eat heavy stock for dinner. Soon you eat heavy proteins, that makes sure you feel regretful. Start the light and work on your way to heavy heavy after daytime evening. We are heavily digestive when we look at the bed and relax or sleep. If we try to overcome our body and try to digest very hard. Then we are active, we will not bring enough blood to stop this active. Thus, let’s feel energy. The decline we can get.

3. Banana smoothie or banana and milk

It has been announced by the nutritionists that it is going to be the worst part of the body. It actually makes poison that damages the body, creates terrible gases, stomachs . A nice glass of chocolate milk helps in digestion, so why invites bananas to the picture? Leave for their shades You know these yellow little animals that eat 50 pounds of bananas daily …

4. Sauce with this famous  marinara spaghetti sauce Parmesan and American cheese.

Which great meal will change, especially with spaghetti, with some garlic bread. Sometimes those parts of the Spaghetti never feel after eating. You make it difficult to get out of the table and walk the coach of the room. That is why the famous spaghetti sauce makers are more in tomatoes acid. The pastor with mixed pastoral foods are not merely mixed with the pastor. How fresh olive oil is sauce with garlic and oily?

5. Bread and jam, or dry nuts butter and jelly sandwich

Oh, how do we love peanut butter sandwiches with potato chips and a cold glass of milk. One of us grew up! The problem is that in such delicious mixes, simple carbohydrate passes through our blood sugar tastes. Then the body has to issue a large amount of insulin to reduce it. We extend more energy than this sandwich in the first place than we get from the food. After words it’s like a bad hangout, we’ll lose energy, and have the ability to focus on us. Leave PBP to our childhood, but now we have the time to start eating food for our help in our time, we are not less.

6. The habit of eating fruits after a protein meal  or after eating a heavy lunch or dinner.

After a good meals, fruit dishes are served as a sweet vegetable or always to black. Fruits should be eaten together with other food items. It is best for breakfast, as it may be possible to have a good fragrance dish above, or in the tail. There are natural thanksgiving fruits, and meat and seats have complicated the vessels.  By mixing 2, the sugar from the fruits will become stuck in the stomach. While it’s trying to breakdown the heavier sugars, and began a fermentation process. Which we all know makes for unpleasant gases and stomach pain.

There are many food items that we are trying to eat healthy, not really the best. Many of us have to break our old food habits, and then spend a little time, and research what kind of food we have for us. Talking with nutritionists, doing a bit of research on the internet. Asking around and using various health-based tricks can change us very much. With the results of feeling like we are 20 years were old.

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