Andre Braugher cause of death: what did the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star die of?

Actor Andre Braugher has died. He passed away after a short illness. His publicist Jennifer Allen confirmed the news. The specific illness that led to his death has not been disclosed yet.

Braugher, a Juilliard alumnus, was born and raised in Chicago. He will be deeply missed by his fans in comedy and drama. He achieved success in Hollywood when he starred in 'Glory.'

The movie portrayed an all-Black army regiment during the Civil War. Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington also had roles in the film.

Braugher's television career flourished after this success. He appeared in various shows such as 'City of Angels' and 'Poseidon.'

He also starred in 'Frequency,' 'The Mist,' and 'Salt.' Additionally, he was in 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' and 'The Gambler.'

Unfortunately, Braugher's death also means the cancellation of his upcoming Netflix show, 'Residence.' The show was scheduled to begin filming in early 2022.

The actor Ami Brabson is the wife of the accomplished actor. They have three children.